20 June 2010

one ingredient soft serve

You heard me right. One ingredient soft serve. No dairy, no additional sweetners. Too good to be true? Not in the least.

Friends, I have a non-banana bread use for those bananas in your freezer. And it's delicious.

One Ingredient Soft Serve

Frozen bananas
Food processor

Puree the frozen banana (peel removed, if that's not painfully obvious), until you have creamy soft serve. It's that easy. I promise.

I grew up working in custard stands, pumping my body full of egg + cream laden rich custard, frozen yogurt and sundaes. Ice cream / custard is something I take very seriously. So I was a wee bit skeptical of this one ingredient banana concoction sweeping the interwebs.

The verdict: A- (A+ reserved for fatty, rich things that will take weeks off my life .. so A- is pretty darned good)

It has only a faint banana taste, and really is remarkable how creamy it becomes, given that there are no additional ingredients added. It's healthy, refreshing, easy, and a great base for additional toppings ... like peanut butter / other nut butters, cookies, sprinkles, nuts, or just on its own.

My waistline thanks you, interwebs. Well done. :)


CP said...

Do you just drop the bananas into the food processor whole, or do you cut them up? I'm having a hard time imagining how this works. Sounds promising, though.

"There's always money in the banana stand."

kaythaney said...

i normally break up into thirds, so that it whips up faster while it's still cold. but then again, my food processor is a bit of a sissy. :)