20 June 2010

easter dinner for one

Back to the catch up game. Let me set the scene. It's Easter Sunday ... I'm hungry ... standard friend-base I'd cook for are pre-committed to other things or out of town, so I do what all normal people would do -- make a feast for myself. Win.


On the menu for today was roast pork, smoked paprika smashed parsnips, roasted asparagus, and roasted garlic (just to round off the roasted theme here). Each of these components were almost mindless to cook, and came together beautifully as you can see above.

Let's take a closer look at the menu items, shall we?

FACT: I make a mean roast pork. Ask my friends. Only a few know the recipe. It's like Bush's baked beans commercials (minus talking dog) ... I'm not telling. :)

And we need some green on the plate. Roasted asparagus with a few spices and sprigs of thyme work marvelously here.

Some roasted garlic to ward off all of those vampires ... or potential kissing buddies. Some things are worth the sacrifice. So delicious and sweet. Perfect to just smear on dinner rolls. Strange? Not to me.

Finally, one of my favorite new combinations, using my latest (not so) secret ingredient from Ruthers - smoked paprika. Add a little bit of that stuff to roasted parsnips (smashed or not smashed) and some thyme and man oh man, you'll be in sweet parsnip heaven. It lends a bit of its reddish color to the dish as well.

I may have eaten almost this entire dish. Added benefit of making a feast just for me ... no one can slap my hand for eating all the parsnips. :)

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