08 April 2009

Operation cleanout - Day 2 - Strawberry Ice Cream

... in a blender.

I don't have an ice cream maker, though after trips to Albert's I often dream of one. His roommate, Jen, makes by far the most innovative flavors I've seen, from curry ice cream (oh, it was delicious. don't knock it until you try), pear and gorgonzola ice cream, to various sorbets and other dessert-ish flavors.

Operation pantry/fridge/freezer cleanout (shortened to "Operation cleanout") continues ... this time with dessert on Day 2. Moving is extremely stressful, and hell, my lack of a Y chromosome may be what leads to my inherent comfort by sweets. Or, maybe I just have an affinity for them at certain times. We'll leave that up in the air.

ANYWAYS. I'm determined to at least lessen slightly my pantry / fridge / freezer contents (there's a lot, and I'm not looking for miracles) and had 1 carton's worth of heavy cream sitting in the fridge. I can't drink liquid milk as is, so I have to get creative. The result of this challenge: homemade strawberry ice cream ... made, in a blender.

Homemade Fruit Ice Cream in a Blender


10 oz. frozen (very frozen) berries ... I used strawberries
2/3 cup sugar
3/4 cup heavy cream

Start by putting the fruit and sugar in the blender ... and pulse. And pulse some more ... This may take a while due to the frozen state of the fruit.

Once this starts to turn into a frozen slush, start to slowly add the cream, scraping down the sides. You may need to shake the blender a bit, depending on how much of the frozen fruit may get stuck in the blades. Once it starts doing it's thing, you'll know ... you can see from the outside the fruit go from slushie to a creamier texture.

You can freeze this up to a week, or serve immediately. Be careful, it melts quickly ... but oh so delicious.

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Esi said...

I didn't have an ice cream machine for a long time, but it is possible to make great ice creams without one. Nice job and I am glad you enjoyed the asparagus soup.