02 April 2009

National Grilled Cheese Month

Apparently April is National Grilled Cheese Month, which I could really go for right now amidst the weird post-travel jetlag cravings. I'm still weening myself off noodles and dumplings, resisting the urge to go to Hei La Moon for dim sum.

Maybe this is just what I need to kick the cravings (well, somewhat kick).

No photos just yet, though I will point you to an interesting grilled cheese sammy over at bitchincamero with capicolla, sweet gherkins, and Saint Andre cheese. M'mm, sweet gherkins remind me of the ones my Grandmother used to make for the summer. God I could go for those right now, too. Damn cravings.

Also reminds me of a tasty grilled cheese I made in the winter months of 2008, which was a crowd pleaser for those with a taste for jalapenos. It involved sweating some finely diced red onions and a hefty amount of diced jalepenos, seasoned with a little salt and pepper, then melted with grated Monterey Jack cheese and pressed. Easy breezy, but just what the doctor ordered, and perfect with a bowl of tomato soup for an afternoon relaxing in the Back Bay.

OK, now I'm on the hunt for the most creative and delicious grilled cheese sammys. This ain't yer old Velveeta back up ... Let's see what you've got. Stay tuned. :)

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