30 January 2010

new year, new me?

OK, we can now jump forward to 2010. It's resolution time, which I have to admit, I've almost never been able to fully stick with for the entire year. I'm not alone, and thankfully as a result, don't feel as bad about it.

Notice I said almost never stick with it -- last year was that exception :) And probably one of the most important resolutions I've ever made, helping me be much healthier and happier - but not in terms of calorie counts and logged time at the gym.

This year, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and focus on the more traditional notion of being healthier -- changing eating habits, detoxing, and exercising more. A group of friends and I have signed up for the annual MIT getfit challenge, and I'm trying my damndest to swap in some healthier subs for old routines.

And I have to say, it hasn't been so terrible. Here's a few highlights from the first few weeks.

First things first, I have a new favorite snack ... Kale chips.

They're incredibly easy to make, a superfood, and honest-to-god a super sneaky way to eat an entire plate of big, leafy greens without really knowing. Think of these more as a vehicle for getting seasoning into your system.

I first saw these over at Steamy Kitchen, where Jaden recommends washing, making sure they are dry dry (otherwise they'll steam), drizzling a little bit of olive oil on and baking at 350 until they're shatteringly crisp. Note -- do NOT add seasoning until after they bake. Once they're crisp like chips, take out, sprinkle with salt and some red pepper flakes. And enjoy. :) They're irresistible, really, and kale remains one of THE cheapest things in the produce department. I dare you to find me something that's as cheap by volume. Yes, that's a challenge.

Then there was the homemade granola experiment, finally utilizing all of the half used packs of oats in my cupboard and the Kossen farm honey, which is just divine. I added pecans, some leftover walnuts and pistachios, wheat germ, flax seed, dried cranberries, and some candied ginger, pouring the honey, brown sugar and butter mixture over the dry mix and baking. Ever so delicious with some greek yogurt and fresh berry sauce as a parfait ...

And then on to roasted cauliflower with blue cheese vinaigrette. Sounds like a strange combo, but really, it's ever so tasty, and nice on the hips (making room for things like, operation homemade pasta, coming soon on TTK). The nuttiness of the cauliflower is wonderful in this dish. And it's a quick side / lunch.

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TheQuevin said...

Oh my god that kale looks good! They look really crispy and delicious! I've never seen kale before in my life, and to be honest I don't even know what it is! But, out of curiosity, is it a lettuce-like produce, and how crispy do these "chips" get?
P.S. I love your blog (this one and sniffingthebeaker!)! Your smart, sarcastic sense of humor kills me!