03 October 2009

Rainy days

Today's one of those days in Boston where the sky repeatedly opens up and drenches the living daylights out of anything not covered. Best defined as a waterlogged day, where all you want to do is nap, in my case bake, and plunk yourself on a comfy sofa or chair with a hot toddy (above).

So instead of typing out the 3 recipes I tested out today (one I'm not so crazy about, but 2 for 3 ain't bad), I'm going to take a break from the regularly scheduled programming and do something fun... and a bit revealing about me. Are you excited? :)

And with that, time to go remove apron, wash flour off self, and change out of my PJs. I know, I'm sad about it too.

(borrowed from The Boastful Baker)

Last song I purchased from iTunes: Nomo's "Ghost Rock"

Made for dinner tonight: Well, for last night - spicy ramen to help kick my head cold. Sriracha has healing powers, I tell ya. Tonight I'm heading to a potluck / housewarming, relieving me of my dinner making duties for the evening.

Currently drinking: Actually just made myself a latte using a Tyler Florence method for frothing milk with an immersion blender, with a bit of vanilla sugar.

Playing on iTunes right this very second: "For Blue Skies" - Strays Don't Sleep

Currently reading: Study guides, and about 2 pages into Don Delillo's "Americana".

Laughing about: The fact that I started today with the intention of being really productive, and here I am at 4:27 pm wearing a frilly apron and pjs, covered in flour, and about to take another nap (#2 for the day) before heading to Rick's.

New to me, easy and delicious dessert I recently made: hands down, the Red Velvet double decker cake I made for my birthday. Not necessarily "easy" if you count being covered with food dye like war paint, but most delicious one of note made recently.

Song I can’t stop playing over and over and over again: "Colly Strings" - Manchester Orchestra

Currently knitting: Had a brief stint knitting when I was 19. And by brief, I mean maybe 2 weeks.

In need of: More hours in the day.

Playing on the iPod now: "Tonight" the acoustic version by Lykke Li (thanks to tfly).

Will soon attempt to learn: How to ace exams that will not be mentioned. Or to finally practice my guitar.

Not getting enough: Studying done. Sadly, life doesn't stop for that sort of thing. Oh, if I could just have a giant remote control for life.

Hyped up about: Fall. I love everything about it from pumpkin-related goodies, the weather, sweaters, hot toddies. Then again, hot toddies can almost always be justified.

Something I need to do tonight if it kills me: Get to Rick's housewarming pot luck.

Craving: Hmm, I just made what I was craving ... pork schnitzel with a red wine bacon mushroom gravy. And let me tell you ... it was awesome.

Trying to learn how to: better balance work and personal life, the latter not really existing much these days. But that's OK.

Something I thoroughly enjoy: Rainy days when all I have to do is nap, read, and nap some more. Mittens. Good single-malt. Surprises. Food-related / themed gifts.

Hell hath frozen over because: I've started running again. Started is loosely used here.

Best thing I’ve bought this month: Flyopen cardigans. Granted, they're just a heavier version of the other ones I have ... so my wardrobe is a bit bland, so shoot me.

What I might be for Halloween: I'm terrible at these sorts of things, outside of the year Nic and I went as the milkman (Nicole) and the pregnant house wife (take a guess).

Still bragging about: The four-course Christmas meal I made alone for 12. It's remarkable what a little anger can produce. Hopefully this Thanksgiving won't involve that component, but be just as delicious.

Looking forward to: Seeing Adam this week, Alex in 2 weeks in Italy, also ... for it to be December 6.

Not looking forward to: The impending aches and pains of my work schedule for the next 9 weeks. Body, please bear with me, and I apologize in advance.

Playing on the iPod now: "Lover, you should have come over" by Jeff Buckley.

Next up on the reading list: After Delillo, "Maggie Cassidy" by Kerouac.

Can’t believe: That it's almost time for Playoffs. :)

Absolutely, positively obsessed with: Trader Joe's Triple Gingersnaps (thanks to SJ), Dogfish Punkin, and the blue-cheese stuffed dates wrapped in fresh pepper bacon from Hop and Vine in Portland (thanks to Ross).

Must make time to: Study, clean, pack for the next two trips, and take care of a laundry list of items I've put off for the last mmm 6 months. Example: getting a bedframe / boxspring.

Trying to decide: Where and what I want to be in 5 years. Nothing like a big pie in the sky question for this rainy Saturday.

Last dessert I baked: Zucchini bread (and muffins) with chocolate chips and dried cranberries.

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