22 February 2009

Happy carnivore, if I do say so myself

The majority of the meals I've been making ahead lately have been vegetarian -- chock full of beans and other forms of protein, but lacking any form of meat. I don't know why I've neglected this section of the grocery store lately, it's bizarre.

So this past Saturday I woke up from a delightful afternoon nap with a sudden get-out-of-bed-and-run-to-the-store kind of craving. The options: salmon or steak.

Steak won this battle, calling the salmon fillets at Whole Foods wimpy contenders and reigning supreme in this decision. I picked up a 1.34 lb (to be precise) fresh cut sirloin, grabbed a triangle of bleu cheese and skipped home with a gleeful smile on my face just thinking of the meal I was about to make.

The result, sirloin with a bleu cheese crust and a little bit of garlic compound butter (the rest of the compound butter used on my baked potato) and some greens. Oh, happy Kay.

I cooked the steak on the stove, in a Julia Child amount of butter, bathing it with the butter after it got a good sear. It was barely a medium rare when I spread a little bit of the leftover compound garlic butter on top, sprinkled it with bleu cheese and popped in the oven to finish.

Now, before you think that I resemble Jabba the Hut after seeing the plate, I did not eat all of this in one sitting. God, that's a lot of meat (famous last words) even for someone who loves a good hefty steak.

But delicious. Carnivore's delight. M'mm.

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