11 September 2008

why a blog?

so, why a blog, you ask? well, because recording this stuff by hand is arduous and would be a disastrous mess should a candle tip over, or should my apartment flood.


all kidding aside, i wanted a way to stitch together the countless recipe emails i send and forward, the photos taken on flickr and my semi-regular experiments in my teensy back bay kitchen. much of this is for my own benefit, allowing me to record not only the recipes and slight tweaks i may make, but the images, the stories etc. think of it as my own digital cookbook -- documenting my successes and failures, great meals created, and great meals purchased. cooking and food in general are passions of mine ... and after being encouraged to blog for my day job and while on the road, this is more of a personal blog detailing my passion -- food.


- kay

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